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Help us create an economically and environmentally sustainable St. Louis! By endorsing our Sustainable St. Louis report you can help us push city politicians to adopt sustainability measures that move St. Louis into a clean energy future that benefits every citizen of St. Louis. 

A city characterized by starks divides, both racial and economic, there can be no sustainable future for St. Louis that doesn’t first address the deep inequalities that form the backbone of St. Louis’ social and economic structure. The mission statement of Mayor Slay’s 2013 Sustainability Action Agenda declares the desire to create “an economically, socially, and ecologically vibrant city.” However, reading through said agenda it’s obvious that this push for “vibrancy” exists in name alone. The agenda pushes face-value environmental measures that will not meaningfully shift power balances, but will instead perpetuate social inequalities which have plagued St. Louis for decades this time powered by solar. With Mayoral elections approaching it is vital that we demand better from the next generation of city leadership.

At Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) we have compiled a Sustainable St. Louis report that addresses the inequable social landscape of St. Louis and provides solutions for a future that is not only environmentally but economically and ethically sustainable. Rather than presenting false-solutions which disregard  the needs of marginalized members of the St. Louis community, our report details an action plan that centers the voices of those who have been pushed outside of the sustainability dialogue since its inception, with a particular emphasis on low-income Black individuals and communities. Environmental measures mean nothing to the people of St. Louis if equally strong measures are not also put into place to increase food security, insure reliable housing, improve mental and physical health, curb police brutality, and provide avenues for long-term economic improvement.
Current sustainability measures such as Mayor Slay's Sustainability Action Agenda provide tools for transitioning St. Louis into a clean energy future, but fail to address how poverty and racism have unfairly disadvantaged a large portion of St. Louis' population. A clean energy revolution has the potential to help us solve these systemic problems and create an economic system truly designed to benefit city residents, but this won't happen if we simply replace old energy infrastructure without restructuring our economy and local government to serve the needs of all St. Louis citizens.

With your endorsement we can show local leadership that we are serious about creating a future for our city that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. 

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