If the St. Louis 1% are the Puppetmasters of the region, what would it truly take for us to “cut the strings” and be free from their control?


Since August, thousands of people, many young and Black, have taken the streets of Ferguson and St. Louis to say enough is enough. People are fed up--fed up with their families being killed by the police and thrown in prison, fed up with the lack of stable jobs that pay a living wage, fed up with under-resourced schools, and fed up with being treated as if their lives do not matter.

We know that the whole damn system is guilty as hell, but we also know that we can create the alternative society we want to live in. Some ideas for these alternatives already exist, like worker cooperatives and community gardens, but some of them have yet to emerge. What we need now is a vision of a different kind of city. 

#STLFreedomLooksLike aims to:

  • Conduct and release research for people to understand the inner workings of the current system

  • Create a visible space for people to share resources and examples of other local, national, and international visioning projects

  • Build political power around shared visions through bold direct action and People’s Movement Assemblies

  • Develop the tools and platforms to make these visions possible


What does STL freedom look like to you?