StL 1% Cakes

Leading up to the #UnveilTheProfit Week of Action, the Artivists, a collective of activists and artists formed in the midst of the Ferguson Rebellion, reimagined a familiar St. Louis symbol--the STL250 cakes--to highlight injustice and corporate control of the region.

cake_walk.jpgA team of 40+ volunteers, including Tribe X, MORE and De-carerate STL, created their own version of the STL 250 commemorative cakes: The STL 1% Cakes. While the goal of the STL 250 cakes was to highlight St. Louis’ past, present and future, Artivists felt that the pain and suffering caused by structural racism, state sanctioned violence, and economic disparity was erased from the STL 250 cake's portrayal of St. Louis.


The STL 1% Cakes, created specifically for 7 corporate executives (David FarrGeorge PazGregory Boyce, Ward KleinAndrew TaylorHugh GrantAnthony Tersigni) and for Civic Progress, point out corporate control of the region which upholds structural racism and inequality. Each cake was delivered along with a letter to its CEO muse in the week leading up to the Veiled Prophet fair. On Thursday, July 2nd, all of the cakes were marched from the St. Louis Gateway Arch to the intersection of Market St. and S 8th St. While holding the intersection, stopping business as usual, people read the letters, naming each CEO's aggressions against the city and beyond.


Committed to using creativity and direct action to realize a better world, the Artivists first action was Requiem for Mike Brown--a flash performance at St. Louis symphony. Another of their creations, a mirrored casket carried during Ferguson October, has been accepted for display in the Smithsonian.

Videos of the Cake Deliveries can be viewed here.

*Spokespeople available for comment at 713-504-6866.*