Power-Mapping with LittleSis.org


Learn how to use littlesis.org to chart powerful relationships between the St. Louis elite and key organizations in the region in an effort to uncover useful information for social justice research and action.

While walk-ins are welcome, please RSVP through the EVENT TICKET LINK HERE if you are planning to come.

During the hour long session, you will learn...

  • how social justice research interacts with strategy, taking action, and visioning alternatives within the Power Behind the Police Framework
  • how to add info to LittleSis.org
  • how to create a power-map on LittleSis.org's easy-to-use software

Participants will walk away with detailed instructions and login information, so they can continue researching potential targets beyond Sunday.

No prior experience necessary.

May 01, 2016 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm
WashU Danforth University Center, Room 233
Caitlin Lee · · 713-504-6866

Will you come?