#PayUpPeabody: Demand the Creation of a Just Transition Fund

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On April 13th, Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal corporation, filed for bankruptcy in St. Louis, where their headquarters are located. Peabody is the 51st and latest major United States-based coal corporation to file for bankruptcy, following announcements from Alpha Natural Resources and Arch Coal in the last few months.

When coal corporations have filed for bankruptcy in the past, such as Patriot Coal’s filing in 2012, the company and bankruptcy court has prioritized CEO payouts and payments to hedge funds and big banks, often cutting funds for workers’ pension and healthcare obligations. We demand that the bankruptcy court prioritize a just transition for workers and communities!

Peabody's track record is beyond shameful. From 1974 to the present Peabody Energy along with the US federal government has forcibly relocated over 14,000 Diné (Navajo) people from their ancestral homeland and has drastically depleted the Navajo Aquifer, continuing the violent settler colonial project. Many Diné families still face harassment to this very day but remain strong while refusing to leave their homeland. Diné groups have had a constant demand of reparations from Peabody for the company’s 40 years of cultural genocide on Black Mesa.

We demand the creation of a Just Transition Fund instead of big investor and executive payouts. The fund will:

  • Fully fund promised Peabody and Patriot coal worker pensions and health care plans.

  • Require an immediate stop to the forcible relocation and harassment of Diné (Navajo) people in northern Arizona and provide full reparations for cultural genocide caused by Peabody.

  • Guarantee full funding for clean-up and full reclamation of all mined lands and polluted and depleted aquifers used by Peabody.

  • Prioritize payouts to stakeholders for communities negatively impacted by Peabody’s practices in areas left stranded in the bankruptcy – rather than big investors and executives.

  • Support communities as they transition from coal-based economies toward jobs and infrastructure based on community-owned renewable energy and local self-sufficiency.

  • Support health care funds for pollution-fouled communities in and adjacent to mining and coal-processing areas.

Click here for links to regional demands submitted by communities impacted by Peabody.

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