Sustainable St. Louis

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#StopTheStadiumSTL Videos


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Cooperatives and Racial Justice

St. Louis, as much as we may love it, is stuck in the 19th century.  Our main division between the city and the county is the result of a late 1800s squabble.  We are, according to statistician and pollster Nate Silver, the 5th most segregated city in the country.  Wealth inequality has skyrocketed; black St. Louisans have similar unemployment rates to the general populace during the Great Depression.

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BIG Vision for Saint Louis

Saint Louis Needs a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG)

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The Need for a People's Agenda

The Need for A People’s Agenda: A reflection of a progressive’s first year in office

I ran for office over a year ago with a strong desire to represent “the people.” I was a reform candidate, obsessed with a vision of what St. Louis could be if only we had government that served the interests of people.

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Change the Course Visioning Session!

On Saturday, July 11th, #STLFreedomLooksLike hosted our first event in collaboration with Change the Course, a campaign with the Rainforest Action Network. Over 70 folks attended throughout the course of the day, and we had many powerful conversations about how we can begin creating the world that we want to live in. 

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