We Demand 1% from the 1% for Justice

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After the last year, it is almost laughable that our elected officials and civic elite thought that the new proposed $1 billion Rams stadium, partly paid for by taxpayers, was what this city needed. What St. Louis needs are true commitments toward racial and economic justice. We need a city and an economy where Black Lives — not just corporate interests — truly matter. It’s only when true justice is achieved that healing can begin. 

As we build alternatives to our current economy, we know that the St. Louis 1% has tremendous power in moving us toward a racially and economically just city. To get us there, we demand 1% from the 1% for Justice to be invested in structural change. One percent of the St. Louis GDP is $1.4 billion — about the same as the proposed NFL stadium.

To read more about 1% from the 1% for Justice, check out this op-ed published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by two of our members. Sign our petition and spread widely to get involved in the campaign!


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