Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto


Hugh Grant is the CEO of Monsanto, a multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in Creve Coeur in the Greater St. Louis Region. Grant made $13.4 million in 2014. In a recent Harris Poll, Monsanto was ranked the fourth most-hated company in America. It has been widely criticized for a variety of issues, including its production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), marketing of agrochemicals that have been called “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization, and common practice of unjustly suing and subsequently bankrupting small farmers whose fields have been contaminated with Monsanto’s seeds Monsanto is the 18th largest employer in the St. Louis region. It has received over $13 million in state tax subsidies. 

Grant's Relationships:


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Key Info:

Total Pay (2014): $13.4 million

Key Relationships: Civic Progress, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis Science Center. 

About Monsanto: Monsanto is a multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in Creve Coeur, Greater St. Louis, Missouri. It is a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand. In a Harris Poll, Monsanto was ranked the third most-hated company in America. It is ranked 197 on the Fortune 500 List.  

Corporate Headquarters: 800 N Lindbergh Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141