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How can I be a part of #STLFreedomLooksLike?

Anyone can take part in the process of creating a vision for a more just St. Louis. Our first step is to invite everyone to submit their own 1-2 page summaries of their personal/organizational visions as they relate to an area of work that you’re interested or engaged in (e.g. housing, economic justice, alternatives to the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), environmental sustainability, food justice). There are no restrictions on how your vision should look, but below are some guiding questions to get you started. Keep in mind that these summaries do not have to be complete--they are simply starting points for discussion.

  • What would St. Louis look like without ___________ (e.g. militarized police, mass incarceration, poverty)  Describe how that changes people’s lives and how that changes the power dynamic in the region.  Why is this what we want?

  • What kind of resources (monetary or otherwise) would it take to implement this vision?  In other words, what would it really take to get there?

  • What are milestones for this work? Are there things we can do now that start to get us there?

As we receive submissions, we will publish them onto this website in order to initiate conversations about the need for a larger, more comprehensive plan for St. Louis. From there, we will convene people who send in submissions to collectively develop and integrate their personal visions. As the conversation evolves, we will develop strategies to organize and engage larger numbers of people into the visioning process. 

Interested in submitting your own vision statement or finding other ways to get involved? Email 

Example Submission

To get an idea of an example submission, check out this blog post about the “Take Back the Land” initiative, which is just one part of the Jackson-Kush Plan