Demands for Peabody, Visions beyond Extraction and Exploitation

What are your demands for Peabody? What is your vision for a life beyond extraction and exploitation?

  • Louise Benally, longtime Diné (Navajo) activist, Black Mesa/Big Mountain, Arizona [DEMANDS]
  • Black Mesa Water Coalition [DEMANDS]
  • To'Nizhoni Ani & Black Mesa Trust [DEMANDS]
  • Various residents of Southern, IL [DEMANDS]
  • St. Louis residents with MORE [DEMANDS]
  • Black Mesa Indigenous Support [DEMANDS]


Anyone can take part in the process of creating demands and visioning; many of us harmed by Peabody already have. If you would like your demands to be linked on this page, we invite you to submit summaries of your personal/organizational demands and visions. Please email 1) your name how you would like it to appear on the site and 2) a link to both and We will add it to the page as soon as we are able.