Campaign Donations of the STL 1% Corporate Executives


Research into state donations made by the STL1% corporate executives resulted in the following key findings:
Overall, the seven STL1% corporate executives have given at least $183,538 to Missouri state candidates and committees since the 1996 cycle.
Andrew Taylor gave the most ($76,025), followed by David Farr of Emerson Electric. ($64,350). 
Andrew Taylor made the most individual donations (65) of any other corporate executive. David Farr concentrated his giving through only 11 donations.
Ninety-two percent of donations to candidates went to statewide candidates. (This excludes donations to committees).
The STL 1% corporate executives gave Republican candidates and committees ($143,950) nearly three times the donations than Democratic candidates and committees ($39,588).

Below is an explanation of each summary table:
Totals by Recipient (Candidate or Cmte): This is the aggregate donation total to specific Missouri candidates and party committees from all STL 1% corporate executives. It does not distinguish which 1%-er gave to which candidate.
Totals by Donor: This is the aggregate donation totals  that each executive gave.
Number of Donations by Donor: This is the aggregate number of donations that each 1%-er made.
Totals by Office Sought: This shows how much money went to candidates running by the political office they sought.
Totals by Party: This shows the breakdown of donations by party.

Special thanks to David Duhalde at for the research behind these findings.